No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

The above title is really relevant in Russia.

Where, you ask, might such an awesome rule apply?

1) The bus.

2) The subway.

3) The tram.

4) The trolleybus.

5) The street.

6) Most street cafes and other eating establishments.

7) The shower.

8 ) Boats.


So, I went to a really nice beach today. Had to pay 100 rubles (about $3.33 for those of you counting at home) to get in, but it was totally worth it. Clean beach. Beach volleyball court. Beach soccer court. Space. Beach chairs. If you want to hear about the topless Russian woman with only pasties on, email me, because I don’t really want to get a talking-to about writing about said woman.

Today was a perfect beach day – not a cloud to be seen, hot as blazes but not hot enough to be uncomfortable outside (at least for me – thanks Houston!), gentle breezes off the Kazanka River. The biggest problem with the beach, of course, was that swimming wasn’t allowed. Why, you ask? The Kazanka River, the tributary of the Volga that splits Kazan, isn’t known for it’s cleanliness. Or its un-flammability. Apparently fire was the hazard preventing us from dipping in the river.

Luckily there were ice-cold showers that served as our swimming pool/river/ocean, and also a great opportunity for group bonding. Nothing says trust, communication, and friendship like group showers (with clothes on, of course). I played some beach soccer (frankly, very difficult), volleyball (used those 7th/8th grade v-ball skeeeeeells), and, of course, Frisbee. An awesome afternoon, in sum.

Tomorrow is one busy day. Bolghar/Volga River Journey II from 6 (when I have to wake up to catch the bus to Rechnoi Port) until probably 5 in the afternoon. At 9 PM I’ll be whipping out my red and green scarf and whirling it around in the air while shouting indiscriminate Russian sayings, intermittently screaming “Davai Rubin!” at Centralni Stadione as FCRK takes on Dinamo Moskva. Should be a really fun day!

Do zavtra (or perhaps not…),



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  1. Dad

    Andrusha? I am impressed with how you’ve eased into Kazani lifestyle. Keep up the excellent blogging.

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