Hot Town, Summer in the City

Shouldn’t I be used to heat by now? 10 years in Texas should’ve overprepared me for what I’m enduring right now.

But no. No. It’s sitting in the 90s here sunrise through sunset (and even now at close to midnight its probably on the brink of 90). And I am hot as hell. I sweated through a layer of deodorant today (TMI?) and adopted the sexy Russian look of literally entirely unbuttoning my shirt to reveal my brick wall and Abercrombie-model pecs (just kidding…or not?). It’s just too hot to not do that. The heat, of course, is exacerbated by a few things:

1) Rare air conditioning and/or fans.

2) Lack of personal space, especially on the bus, where it literally is just an oven

3) Sporadic breezes

4) Wild dogs

5) Hot food – literally my host mom said “Oh it is very hot today” and then put a piping hot meat/potato pie thing and a scalding cup of tea in front of me. Do svidanya, logic.

6) Dust

7) Sitting in a classroom for 4 hours.

8 ) The long walk from KSU (its actually not that long) to McDonalds and the ever-inviting bolshaya Fanta (large Fanta).

9) LeBron James

10) The lack of regular old drinking water. Carbonated water just doesn’t have the same refreshing quality.

Hopefully it’ll get better soon but its not really supposed to. So I’ll just deal. It’s all good.

Today was pretty uneventful. Went for another medical check-up/interrogation thing today, and luckily no tape was used.

Basically some old doctor just asked us a few questions which we basically had to say the “right” answer to. E.g., do you have any diseases? Are you normal? Does your doctor normally check your lungs and heart? Easy stuff. No biggie.

Tomorrow we go to the island where Ivan the Terrible rallied his troops before sacking the Kazan Khanate some 490 or so years ago. Pretty cool stuff, I’ll definitely elaborate more after I actually go.




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5 responses to “Hot Town, Summer in the City

  1. McSween

    I can imagine that you’re still wearing long sleeves.

  2. Bee-Rooks

    that meat pie thing did sound good though

  3. Carlo

    I am lovin’ the spoonful of your blog that I get every day.

    I’ll stop making bad puns now….

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