Picture time!

Hey guys, uploaded a bunch of pictures, there are plenty more on my computer/in my camera but it took a really long time to upload just these ones, so I hope they’re good! Enjoy! If you want clarification on what any of them are…just ask.



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4 responses to “Picture time!

  1. igor cherches

    love the football field – just like the one I grew up playing pick up games with foreign students ( communist brothers from Vietnam and Angola).

  2. that guy who you might be related to who is living in the woods...

    you hit up that number yet? by the way, call me sometime… even though it is about a 12 hour time difference… looks awesome bro

  3. Bee-Rooks

    I want to see a mullet, a fishnet shirt and some wild dogs.
    But besides that sounds like your having an awesome time in Russia brohan

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