Notes on the Pictures

Just kidding, I’m gonna tell you what all the picture are. I’m gonna go across and then down.

1) My bedroom.
2) Flight listings at the airport in Moscow – our flight is the top one
3) Old ladies sitting in the “courtyard” of my apartment complex
4) Prostitution, as I mentioned, is rampant here.
5) Sunset over Prospekt Pobedy, my street
6) The view from Lenin’s seat at KSU
7) If you look close enough, you can see Blimey the Wild Dog
8 ) The concert in front of the Kremlin, plus a bonus of a mulleted dude
9) The front of KSU
10) A gate at the Kremlin – so cool.
11) The mosque at the Kremlin. I have like a billion pictures of it.
12) The leaning tower of Kazan – seriously.
13) A statue commemorating the struggle under Soviet repression, with the front of the Kremlin in the background.
14) The soccer pitch. Those green houses in the background used to be the Kazan KGB HQ.


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