What is the Russian word for disturbing?

No, Mom, the title of this doesn’t mean I saw anything disturbing (besides the usual motley crew of prostitutes, wild dogs, and Gypsies, of course). I’m actually stealing the quote from a friend, who said that after being ambushed by these two Russians, one holding a camera, the other a microphone and series of photos. She had asked him to describe his feelings in response to each picture (po-Russki, of course) and he said the titular quote in response to one – it was hilarious. Maybe had to be there? Anywho. Today we took a tour of the Kremlin and actually got to go inside the mosque and the church there. Both are really stunning. The mosque is quite new (5 years old) but it was built (supposedly) with technology used hundreds of years ago to create a feeling of antiquity and authenticity. There are Arabic (and Cyrillic, but not very many) inscriptions painted all over the place as well as typical Central Asian Muslim designs. Unfortunately there is no photography inside, so I can’t post any pics here. The church was also really cool. There were painted icons everywhere (obviously – its a Russian Orthodox church). The church itself is 400 years old (they’ve repainted the icons) and has apparently survived many fires, floods (its pretty much on the bank of the Kazanka River), and other natural disasters. Very cool. The exterior has the onion “domes,” which is so cool to see in real life. I took lots of cool pictures (I’m no Corey, but…) and I WILL put them up at the latest this weekend. I promise. Probably.

Tomorrow, a few friends and I are going to buy a soccer ball and try to get a game going in a local park. Should be a fun experiment, I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. kj saturday

    So, what IS the russian word for “disgusting” ?

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