Quick Morning Post

A few updates: we got hot water! Woohoo! So now we have a real shower, which is awesome.

Also, I found the USA-Ghana game on TV last night and watched all of regulation with my host mom and host bro (although he went to sleep at about the 70th minute). My host mom was very funny – saying “davai!” (come on!) when the Americans made a move, “maladyetz” (excellent) when the Americans did something good, and “oi” when they did something bad. It was hilarious. Of course, I found out the result this morning and was sad, but the US squad really can pat itself on the back – they won what turned out to be a tough group and held their own against a really good Ghana team. I think the one thing that Bob Bradley could’ve done was take Altidore out earlier. He really had by far the most disappointing World Cup out of anybody on the team, in my opinion. He had so many scoring opportunities that he squandered and also, from what I saw, played selfishly around the goal – not crossing, etc. Whatever. It’s all good.



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  1. Glad you’re not forgetting about the USA while you’re in another land! And how did you do that thing with my blog on the sidebar? Very cool, and I want to do the same for yours.

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