A Quick Update

Hey guys, sorry for no pictures still – we take our city tour this weekend and I want to wait until then before posting anything. Today was a pretty exciting day. Woke up early with my host brother to catch the bus in order to get to KSU in time for my first Russki urok (Russian lesson) of the summer. Our class was met with a surprise test – basically a “preliminary” test to separate the group into 2 sections – one stronger than the other. Then we walked around the city center for a little bit to exchange money and things like that. Then I came home with my host mother, first on the REALLY nice Kazan Metro (shape up, NYC) and then on a trolley bus, which was basically pointless. Really slow. Luckily dinner tonight was only light – kartoshki (potatoes), some sort of tomato soup, and then a dessert surprise, bananas. Tonight I have spent almost the whole time with my host brother. We’ve been showing each other pictures of “home,” showing each other some favorite music (he showed me Rammstein, I showed him Notorious B.I.G., which he loved), and discussing computers, which is his trade. Overall a good day and I am ochen ustal (very tired) now. Hopefully I won’t wake up at four o’clock this morning (thanks to wild dogs, early sunrise, and jetlag).

Until the next time,



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