Some Rather Exciting News…and I Haven’t Even Left!

So today I found out about my host family. On paper, it looks like I got really lucky. I’ll have my own room and there’s Internet in their apartment. I’ll have a host mom, a 60-year-old retired woman named Ruzalia. I’ll also have a host brother, Artur, who’s 25 and has a small computer business. They are Muslims (which although you might think that’s weird, Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan and is about 52% Tatar. Tatars are, for the most part, Muslim.) They wrote me a note and seem pretty excited to have me stay with them this summer – the excitement is definitely mutual! The information I got also says that it’ll take me anywhere from 15-25 minutes to get to Kazan State University (where I’ll be doing my learning) from their apartment – by bus. In other words, I’ll probably know the Kazan bus routes as well as I know the New York ones by the end of the summer! Also exciting is that Ruzalia lists “cooking” as her hobby, and, according to Artur, likes to sing while she cooks. The singing isn’t necessarily that exciting but actually sounds sorta…unique. The cooking, though, could be an experience. From what I’ve read, Tatar cooking isn’t dissimilar to Central Asian cooking – rice, lamb, goat, etc. Should be tasty. Anyways, I thought I’d share this news with you, my faithful followers!

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